Facebook added an extra feature to Pages that you may not have noticed. On the left hand side bar there is a list of areas you can go to in your page and one of these is Services.   Now before we launch in to this cool new feature, you will need to check that your page has this feature. It can be found on the left hand column. If you do not have, you may need to play with your page set up and trial different page types such as local business. This simple page will add a whole new dimension to your Facebook page. People can now come along and check out what services you have to offer without having to dig them out of your website.   You can showcase your services by simply clicking Add a Service (the big blue button) and setting up a service. Once you select this button, you will be prompted to add the following for each service:

  • Name (limit of 40 characters)
  • Price – this field does not have to contain simply a price – you can make it a call-to-action.
  • Description (limit of 200 characters) which can include a link
  • Photos – you can add multiple images

You can click and drag your services to re-order them so that they appear in the order you would like or that makes sense for your business.   Once you have finished adding your services, you need to publish them to make them visible to others. If they are not published, only admins on the page will be able to see them. Publishing is a single step where you move a slider button on the right hand side from Not visible to Visible.   Be sure to take some time to create a specific services tab for each service in your business. Don’t be tempted to lump them in together. The more information you supply on each service, the more appealing it will become for your potential customer.   If you would like to see what services are on the Online Social Butterfly page, click here to go check them out
So here is a fifty thing – once you have added your services in, you can then link to them in your post. When you are creating a new post, on the bottom of the post box, there are several options. The far right is called Tag a Product – you can then select a service and add this to the post – so you don’t need to create a whole new post about a service – nifty right?
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