This week I wanted to share what is arguably some of the most shared content on Facebook – memes. If you don’t know what a meme is then let me explain. It is a image that shares something inspirational – a quote or thought or idea. Now I know you have seen one – your newsfeed is always full of them.
People simply love love love these little ditties. And as a business owner, you can get in on the action. There are all sorts of memes out there – you can share ones created by other business pages or you can create your own.
Creating memes is a simple and easy task. There are some great websites that help make it easy. My personal favourites are Canva and picmonkey. Both make it quick and simple for you to create your very own customised memes.
But don’t just rush off creating any old thing. Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  1. Use quotes that are relevant to both your audience and your business:
  2. If it is someone else’s quote, be sure to credit them;
  3. Make sure you add your business details: your logo and your name if relevant;
  4. Add your website details and that for your Facebook page;
  5. Consider creating your own quote – you have surely said something quotable!

You will find that memes give you the type of content that is very popular and will naturally boost the organic reach of your posts.