Getting started with growing a list

Many people are often put off writing newsletters because they have a small or non-existent list. But remember, everyone who runs a successful blogging and electronic newsletter campaign started at zero just like you have. There are so many clever tips that can help...

Why you need to get blogging

Many people fail to understand the importance of blogging in their business. First and foremost, blogging allows you to position yourself as an expert. If you do not blog or simply do not see a good reason why you should, let me give you a few examples of how you can...

Getting started with blogging

OK its December now and that means we are well and truly looking towards 2015. Now is the time to start doing some planning in your business? It is easy to put off thinking about what lies ahead when we are busy and distracted in our business. Before you know...

So long, farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, GOODBYE!

When you have a business page on Facebook, it is really easy to become obsessed with the stats within this. One of the most obvious numbers we can be caught up in is the number of LIKERs or FANS that we have. It is really important to actively cultivate your numbers...

Fun and Fitness

I enjoy running and walking and think that raising money for charities whilst partaking in my hobbies is a nice way to balance these priorities. In 2013, I participated in the Colour Run with my Admin Officer, Julie and some friends. We had so much fun and helped...

LinkedIn – Social Networking

 One of my favourite social media tools is LinkedIn. I am increasingly finding lots of my clients have heard of this and have a vague idea about what it is about but are not really sure what to do. My first piece of advice is, that like most things in life, things are...

Does my business need a newsletter?

When I start working with a new client I am often asked if having a newsletter is really necessary. My answer is always a resounding YES. A newsletter is first and foremost a marketing tool that is all about the ‘soft sell’. This means you don’t pack it with lots of...

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