Linking Instagram to Facebook

I often get asked about using the same content across different social media so I thought I would answer these questions. “Should I really be posting the same content across Instagram and Facebook?” This is a great question that came in thick and fast from you all. In...

Getting your Instagram account set up

Many people have ignored any other social media platform and focused all of their energies on Facebook. To be fair, it is the largest social media platform and shows no signs of slipping. However, as a business on Facebook, things have been getting harder and harder....

Why you need to be using Instagram in your business?

Did you know Instagram was the first social media platform that was “born mobile”? It started out as an app before it was available for use on traditional desktop computers. When it was launched in 2010, the percentage of internet traffic that came from mobile devices...

Putting the focus on Instagram

Well I woke up this morning with my blog all written over the long weekend and ready to be published on a working day morning when everyone is back at work. And overnight things change meaning I am now revisiting and rewriting some of my blog. For a...

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