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What scheduling tool is right for you?

What scheduling tool is right for you?

With so many social media platforms to manage on top of the everyday hustle of running a business, it is imperative that we as business owners consider easier ways to keep on top of our social media.   Many people fail to realise that there are so many options out...

How do your ideal customers find out if you are any good?

How do your ideal customers find out if you are any good? Every day, we are forced to make decisions about what product to buy or what services to use. We make these decisions based on a variety of psychological factors that we may not even be conscious of because we...

Making sure your presence is "mobile" online

Now we know internet usage on mobile devices is BIG but here is how quickly things have evolved. Consider this timeline 2007: The first iPhone was launched with new “touch-screen technology” 2008: The “App store” was launched. Over 1 billion apps were...

Managing your many social media accounts

One of the major challenges I face in my business is that I need to be in so many places at once, not only in the real world where my boys want to hit the beach and my clients want me in the office but in the virtual world as well. Online, I have multiple accounts for...

Website basics

Having a website is fundamental to running your business in the digital age. Most consumers shop on their smart phones and look for businesses using social media and search engines such as google. If you want to feature in their search, the first thing you need is a...

Digital marketing

So did you just shudder when you read those words? Did you feel a little scared and overwhelmed about what digital marketing is? Do you wonder how on earth you are going to do any of it when you are already so busy? Well, if that was you, read on, as I promise some...

SEO – the basics

SEO – the basics Many people consider SEO for their business and are often completely confused when they speak to someone who is selling this service. The aim of this blog is to help you understand SEO a little better so that you can make an informed decision for your...

Should you let your teenager manage your social media?

So I felt compelled to write this blog after another meeting with another potential client who said they thought their teenager could just manage their social media as they are so good at Facebook and Instagram. CUE – HUGE eye roll from me (and if you know me – I am...

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