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Linking Instagram to Facebook

I often get asked about using the same content across different social media so I thought I would answer these questions. “Should I really be posting the same content across Instagram and Facebook?” This is a great question that came in thick and fast from you all. In...

Saving stuff in Facebook

I don't know about you but I find that I am often scrolling Facebook on my phone in between clients or when I have a spare minute. There are typically lots of great articles or links to things that I would like to go off and read but I don't have time right then....

Want to create your own images?

Having your images that you can use on social media is really important. You can engage a graphic designer to do this for you but you can also do it yourself. There are some excellent DIY options out there. One of my personal favourites is Canva. I use this for all...

Why you need to be using Google+

Google Plus or Google+  has been around for several years and mostly people consider it to be an imitator of Facebook but it is so much more than this. For the average personal user, Google+ offers some amazing integrations, particularly if you use products like...

  • Great way to spend the day watching our lad at his school carnival and the little fish won champion boy- feeling very proud 🤗
  • We are closed today!! And enjoying a day together watching our son at his school swimming carnival
  • Listening to Charlie Gunningham talk about digital disruption and how is he doing it? Storytelling!
  • All set up and ready to ROCK this Facebook marketing workshop.
  • Early morning networking
  • #bniteamwa #bniawards2018
  • BNI AWards brekkie
  • Strategic planning day fun
  • Marketing and brownies for breakfast
  • Happy Hump Day... I am planning a day in this lounger and hoping to get some ideas down from this book. Has anyone read it?
  • GOSH everyone is just so busy planning at the moment - Facebook Groups are filled with mad planning and sharing, my inbox is overflowing with offers to join a planning party BUT here is the truth. I did my planning last year. January is part of 2018 and I hit the ground running with loads of new products. The best time to plan was yesterday and the next best is today. So am keen to hear - have you got your plans in place for 2018 or are you still mulling things over or in holiday mode?
  • Do you have a WordPress website and would like to be able to manage it yourself? Our NEW WordPress training portal is NOW live. It contains LOADS of short and simple videos to take you through some of the functions you might need PLUS we have included a HOST of terms and definitions to get your confidence up when it comes to understanding your website and talking to your web designer. When you make your purchase, you will get a 12 month subscription which means you can pop in and use it when it suits you. ORDER NOW FOR ONLY $99 (normally $198) Link in bio @onlinesocialbutterfly

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