This week I wanted to share a really important PRO TIP that will seriously improve the searchability of your business Facebook page.
For those of you that may not be aware, Facebook now has more traffic than Google. This makes it an extremely powerful platform. With over 1 billion personal accounts worldwide, Facebook is successfully wining the game of “world domination”. Ultimately, Facebook will become a one-stop shop for all web users. By integrating options like messenger they are reducing the need to text and use emails on other platforms.
Several years ago they introduced a search feature as per the image below. The function sits at the top left of your page. The search feature allows you to find not only other people but also businesses.
FB search
In keeping with their primary objective of becoming the one-stop website, this search function has continued to evolve and improve over time. Like google, you can search using key words and find business pages that closely match these.
So my question to you is: how easy is it to find your business page on Facebook?
The simplest way to improve the searchability of your page is to set a vanity or customised URL. Facebook allows you to create a URL for your business page once you have 25 fans. BUT be warned, you can only set it once. To set your URL or to see if it has been set, you go in to the Settings Section and under the heading Page Info there is a long list of stats for your page. Most of this you will have entered when you set up your page.
Now, before you dive in and set your page, here are a couple of things to think about:

  1. What is your business names?
  2. What are your main products or services?
  3. What words will people be using to search your business by?

You might have a different answer for each one of these questions. You need to really focus on how people will be searching for your business.
Below is my Facebook URL  – it is online social marketing (note Facebook does not allow spaces)
I have deliberately chosen words that I know people search my industry by. Whilst some of these words are contained in my business name, it is important not to get locked in to thinking you should set your URL by your business name.
If you are unsure how to set your page, don’t jump in to it straight away, take some time and play around with key words. A good place to better understand key word searches is via Google.