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Build a website with Canva

Do you need a website for your business but simply don’t have the budget?
Are you keen to put yourself out on the internet but really want to make sure you look professional?

Good news! You can build a website using Canva (using the free version, you don’t even need to upgrade the Canva Pro).

I am so excited to share with you the skills and tools you need to create your very own website for your business.

This is all about teaching you the skills you need in a simple, tutorial-style that you can watch over and over again to ensure you feel confident in applying your skills.

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Canva is an amazing design tool

The features that are available inside Canva will allow you to create a professional-looking, responsive and interactive websites that look great on any device.

Time to Skill up

Here’s what we’ll cover

Module 1

Branding Your Website

The starting point for your website is branding. In this class, you will learn about the importance of branding. This covers your logo and style guide, using images, photos, graphics and icons. All the elements needed to ensure your website looks cohesive and professional.

Module 2

Writing your website copy

If you are not sure what you need to say on your website, this class will walk you through writing the copy (text) for your website. It will cover your home, about and services page so you can confidently engage your audience with the words on your website.

Module 3

Building Your Website

This tutorial will walk you through the key features of the website inside Canva. You will learn how to select a template, brand it so it looks like your business, create pages with interactive components such as video and clickable buttons.

Module 4

Putting your website live

Once you have created your website in Canva, you will need to get it out live on the internet. In this module you will learn how to put it live selecting the most appropriate option for your business and then connecting it to your domain to give you a professional look.

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What’s Inside

The core course materials are immediately available inside of our online student portal. You will get instant access and best of all, the tutorials are updated regularly to ensure you are learning about all the latest features.


Streaming Videos

Watch this anytime you like plus stop and start as you need to (no-one is watching you)


Audio Files

If you fancy listening to the masterclass on the go, you can download it as an audio file with our system



These are designed to help you apply what you are learning in the Masterclass to your business.



Inside the online course system, you can connect with others, share your comments, and more.



No need to feel stuck applying what you are learning when the handy templates make it so easy.

Success Story!

A whole new level!

I didn’t believe Sarah when she said Canva was easy. It didn’t take me long to be a convert. Doing her recent 10 day Canva challenge has taken my graphics (and that of the other participants) to a whole new level. Sarah is the best small business marketer I have come across in my 20 years in business.


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My background was in corporate marketing and communications (with a big focus on advertising) for over 15 years.

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