A shout-out to all the Mums out there

A shout-out to all the Mums out there

Today I wanted to give a shout out to all the MUMs out there and especially all the mums out there juggling their own business with motherhood. This brings its own challenges. One of the things that makes it all so hard is the expectation that society puts on us that...

Are you using social proof?

How do your ideal customers find out if you are any good? Every day, we are forced to make decisions about what product to buy or what services to use. We make these decisions based on a variety of psychological factors that we may not even be conscious of because we...

Your personal Facebook account

In this blog, I wanted to cover Facebook but from a slightly different angle. I have spoken in the past about managing your personal page on Facebook but I have received 3 emails in the past week about issues that business owners are having with this. When you run a...

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