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Tired of going it alone?

Let me support you with a strategy designed for your business that will attract your customers. Learn how to set up your social media for success, creating engaging content that speaks to your audience’s problems and how you can fix them. Ultimately, let’s grow your biz.

Together we will create a strategy specific to your customers’ journey. It will understand their problem and will use messaging that engages and empathises. All this will grow your reach and following that ultimately will grow your business and make you more money! If you are feeling like you are ready for the next step, let’s dive into Facebook Advertising where we can create campaigns and I will teach you how to manage and optimise them for the best results.

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Coaching Packages

Package 1

Hour of Power

Sometimes you just need a little helping hand. Let’s spend an hour together and you can use it to pick my brains or let me fix your problem.

Package 2

Let’s make some magic

Right, so it’s time to get serious. You want to move your business forward and you need some time for us to do it together. This is your chance to plan, create and grow.

Package 3


Rome wasn’t built in a day but..let’s have a crack at world domination for your biz with my VIP Day. We can spend the day together building and creating your online empire.

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1 – 1 Coaching sessions

Creating a strategy specific for your business.

Let me be your cheerleader, mentor and coach all rolled into a ball of enthusiastic fun and energy, combined with a big dose of knowledge and practical marketing brilliance.

Is something not working in your business? Do you need some general marketing advice or guidance or perhaps we need to dig in and work on a specific issue like your Facebook Ads?

Let’s spend some time together and teach you the tools you need to help your business grow online.


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Success Story!

“I really needed someone who is digital marketing savvy to give me objective advice and next steps with my business. Sarah has such a wealth of industry knowledge. I couldn’t be happier with my session. She listens really well and provided so much practical and invaluable feedback and advice (specifically for my website, social media platforms and email marketing) that I’m going to implement in my business, pronto! Thanks so much Sarah!”

Marie Yau


Work with Sarah

Hi there, I'm Sarah

I'm the owner and founder of Online Social Butterfly, a digital marketing agency specialising in training and consulting. With 10 years in digital marketing and 15+ years in marketing and communications, I can confidently say I know my way around "the Facebooks" 😉

I love nothing more than helping small business owners unlock the key when it comes to consistently marketing their business on Facebook, ensuring they can generate leads and enquiries through their business.