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EP10 – Creating Social Media Content – My Simple Strategy

In this episode, Sarah shares her strategy on how to create social media posts with ease.
She shares her experience – most people that she works with through coaching and training find posting on social media one of the biggest struggles.
She shares how she does content and how if you break down your content into promotional and baseline, it all gets a little easier.
Promotional content is something that changes regularly according to your marketing or promotional calendar. This needs to be created and updated regularly.
Baseline or evergreen content is the type of content that you can create and have it go out on autopilot, no need to constantly change it.

Baseline content can include:

  • About you – share who you are
  • Testimonials
  • Lead Magnets
  • Non-promotional services such as coaching
  • Quick tips
  • Memes and fun posts
  • Posts to get engagement

She then talks about her fave scheduling tool – RecurPost and how this works – allowing you to schedule and forgot.
Sarah also runs a free monthly content planning class via her Facebook group so come and join to participate.


Social Circus


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