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EP105 – Unraveling the Good Girl Conditioning: Amanda Louisa on Embracing Feminine Energy

In this episode, we welcome Amanda Louisa, a former corporate lawyer turned sustainability advocate. Amanda shares her inspiring journey from the grind of corporate law to discovering wellness through nervous system regulation and somatic experiencing therapies. Her story is all about resilience, self-discovery, and redefining success, particularly for women stuck in the “good girl” mold.

Amanda and I chat about the often-overlooked concept of feminine energy and how it plays a crucial role in successful entrepreneurship. She delves into her personal struggles and triumphs, emphasizing the need for authentic workplace well-being initiatives and flexible work rhythms that honor our natural energy cycles.

Key Takeaways:

  • Amanda’s journey from high-stress corporate life to embracing wellness and feminine energy.
  • The importance of breaking free from the “good girl” conditioning to achieve sustainability in business and personal life.
  • Advocacy for nervous system regulation and somatic experiencing therapies as essential for mental health.
  • Emphasizing personalized work rhythms and strategic rest to boost creativity and productivity.

Notable Quotes:

  • “As soon as I hit the professional world, I kind of abandoned [spiritual practices].” – Amanda Louisa
  • “Unless we’re working with our body and the somatic side of our nervous system, we’re only dealing with 20% of the solution.” – Amanda Louisa
  • “If you think about males or people who have testosterone as the dominant hormone in their system, they have a linear output of energy…whereas women…have different hormonal outputs at different times in our cycle.” – Amanda Louisa
  • “It took me so long to learn how I want to work.” – Sarah Thomson
  • “The staff is taking that permission of I can do my work the way I want to do it and that’s where success lies.” – Amanda Louisa


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Website: Amanda Louisa Services — Amanda Louisa

Dive into the full episode for an in-depth exploration of these themes with Amanda and me. Stay tuned to the Social Circus for more thought-provoking conversations!

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