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EP13 – Understanding Apple iOS

The most talked about Apple iOS update has got to be the one that took place last year involving data tracking. How us as users weren’t aware our data was being tracked as we moved from app to app. This update gave us the power to opt out of having our data tracked – if you tune in, Sarah tells us how. 

Data tracking is used by companies to provide us with a product we didn’t know we were looking for. It does this by tracking our data, it goes a little something like this… you search the internet (or google as we refer to all internet searches these days), for a holiday destination, next you “google” car hire, a bit later you’re on FaceBook and you see Air bnbs being advertised in the location you’re thinking of travelling to coming up in your feed. Sarah tells us how this is no coincidence, and how we can change our settings to opt out of our own data being tracked.   

We hear how customer data is like gold for organisations as they can better understand how to advertise to us. You may be surprised to hear Microsoft as big as it is failed to collect data on its users, certainly a different approach than the likes of Apple, Amazon, Meta, and Google. 

Sarah recommends a couple of great shows to watch on Netflix which will help us better understand how the algorithms work, keeping us tied to the apps we use.

  1. The Social Dilemma 
  2. The Great Hack

Hear what it means for Facebook Ads since this update, including the longer wait time for “real time” reporting. 

If you haven’t already, one action you can take today inside Business Manager, is to make sure you verify your domain, as this has a positive impact on your ability to run your FaceBook ads. 

I hope you feel more confident about how Apple’s iOS 14 update changes have impacted you as a user, and as a business owner by the end of this short episode.


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