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EP16 – Facebook Groups

Sarah shares her strategies when it comes to starting your very own community on Facebook – a place which allows you to show up and provide great value. Providing insights into the best questions to ask yourself when thinking of setting up a Facebook group. So, if you’re considering using a Facebook group as a marketing tactic and want to get up close and personal with your audience this episode is for you.

Tune in to hear all her tips from what you need to consider before getting started, best practices to keep your audience engaged, as well as how to share great value to build an engaged community.

The first thing to consider is why you need a Facebook group. And whether you are prepared and have capacity to show up on a regular basis to keep your audience engaged.

As well as this podcast, Sarah has her own Facebook group “The Social Circus with Sarah.T.”  A community she set up when she was seeing a lot of her Online Social Butterfly audience looking for digital marketing support and advice. She tells us why it’s important to make it clear the group is managed by you and how she goes about this.

She says, “Don’t start a group without a strategy in mind, make sure you have capacity to show up there regularly”.  Sarah checks-in live with her “groupies” every Tuesday at 9:00am (AWST)…  be sure to tune in next time.

You’ll also get to hear her advice when it comes to what to do when someone joins your community, and why it’s important to make your audience feel part of your tribe. As well as showing up and making your audience welcome, it’s important you add great value to keep them engaged, making it a space they want to hang out in.

This link will take you straight to Sarah’s freebies and guides, as well as her current Online Courses Facebook Marketing Course | Facebook Marketing Specialist | Online Social Butterfly

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