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EP19 – Tracy O’Meara Smith

Whether you’re at the point of upleveling your business, having any self-doubt, feeling vulnerable then Tracy can see exactly what you need to help you on your way, and be able to guide you to what you need.

A lot of women who make an appointment with Tracy, sometimes do so as their business has taken over their lives and they just need an hour a month to stop, get what they need to connect with themselves to move forward.  

As well as talking about the healing properties of nature, you may be surprised to hear that colouring in is scientifically proven to shift mind and body from a stressed state to a calm one. Pass me the colouring book! Tune in for more self-care tips.

“We’re realising that we are more than what we do. There needs to be an element of what I want to be” says Tracy. You will find your personal thing to help you shift gears by asking… What can I do? What nourishes me?

Lots of interesting chat about flower essence, and the incredible healing properties of plants and nature. Don’t be surprised if you want to head out for a walk straight after listening to this episode, or better still pop your headphones on and listen while you’re out and about in nature.

So, if you’re suffering from burnout, and want to take your foot off the accelerator, like you want to run and hide, pretend things don’t exist then add contacting Tracy to your to do list. Here’s where you can connect:




Tracy also has a podcast titled “The Bloom and Groove Podcast”. You can listen on apple or spotify.


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