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EP2 – Why you cannot be ignoring video any longer

EP2 – Why you cannot be ignoring video any longer

Video has been a hot trend for so long. In this episode, Sarah will chat about why it is a great idea to get visible and if you are not ready yet, some great alternatives to creating video.

In Episode 2, Sarah discussed the importance of video content.

Taken from a study done by HubSpot, she shares some key insights including:
• Video continues to be a key priority for marketers.
• The amount of video people watch online has doubled since 2018.
• Customers use video as an integral part of their brand journey.
• 87% of video marketers reported video gives them a positive ROI.

With that in mind, video is truly the type of content you want to be creating consistently. But if you feel scared to put your face to camera, here are some tips Sarah shares:

  • Remember, your audience wants to see and connect with you, NOT judge you.
  • Being visible creates a deeper connection to your audience.

She also shares some tips to get yourself camera ready:

  • Try recording yourself on your phone. Get used to hearing and seeing yourself
    Use these sessions to give yourself constructive feedback, NOT destroy everything about yourself.
  • If you want to dip your toe in gently, why not have a go at doing a Story on Instagram. Pop in and say hello, introduce yourself or just ask what people are doing today? It is a gentle way to use video – short and sweet.
  • Now if putting your face to video feels scary, here are some of Sarah’s alternatives.
  • Warm yourself up to putting yourself on video by using yourself as a voiceover to video – you might shoot a behind the scenes.
  • Turn a series of static photos or images into a simple slideshow style video.
  • Add gifs and animations to your content.
  • Use stock video footage

If you are keen to dive into video some more, check out this free class Sarah has on offer.

Want to create Reels without all that silly pointing and dancing? This class will walk you through how to create Reels in minutes using Canva:


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