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EP8 – Lisa Kniebe – Courses That Connect

As the Launch Success Coach, Lisa helps coaches and healers translate their one-to-one work into online courses. Her specialty is launch messaging, and she really knows how to work her magic with words.


As a copywriter, Lisa found herself booked out – a common occurrence for those that deliver services such as coaches and trainers. She was inspired to create an online course and quickly developed a passion for helping others create their online course.


Lisa believes that everyone has an online course inside them. Her signature course “Courses that Connect” takes you through the process of mapping out your course, designing the content and everything in between.


She talks about the fact that we get very overwhelmed with the process of creating a course. In our mind, we often have so much to share and initially try and bundle everything in to the single course.


The hard part of creating your course is NOT the tech – it is unpacking your idea and putting the learning together in a way that flows for your audience. However, many people get stuck inside the tech – this is what often holds them back. The reality of it is, that you can create a course with very simple and unsophisticated tech.


Sarah also shares her experience of creating her courses with Lisa as her launch success coach. She shares her initial launch and how during COVID in 2020, she went on to create more courses applying the knowledge acquired through working with Lisa. Lisa has intentionally created a process that can continue to be applied in your business.


They also discuss the key to launch success – it is about having an audience. This means we have generally battle-tested what we want to create a course on, we have testimonials and we have an audience who is primed to buy from us.


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