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EP9 – Understanding leadership with Jenny Cole

Jenny generously shares her own personal experience when she rapidly rose through the ranks to Principal of a school and found herself burnt out. This led her to question why some people cope so well and others, like herself, found themselves crumbling under the pressure.


She is a renowned leadership coach who specialises in education but also to the wider female business community. She has 2 businesses, but her baby is Positively Beaming. Her goal is to not only survive but thrive in this very business world.


They talk about how as entrepreneurs that are often reluctant to think that we are leaders. She calls this “one man and megaphone”. This is a hangover from old stereotypes. We lead our business, set direction, and make sure we are heading in the right place.


Self-leadership is so important. It starts with confidence and self-belief. We are doing this every day. They talk about how many of us feel uncomfortable being coined leaders.


Jenny’s favourite definition of leadership comes from Brene Brown. Her definition is anyone who can find potential in people and processes. So when we hear that, we are absolutely leaders in our own business.


They talk about self-leadership to believe we are enough and that we don’t need another course or another thing – we are enough. Jenny also shares the need to take imperfect action – take action, learn from it and keep moving forward.


One amazing tip Jenny gives is to give your inner critic a name and call her out when she holds you back.


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