In February 2015, all business pages on Facebook received the Call-to-Action box.
The Call-to-Action box is located alongside your LIKED and Messages box at the bottom right hand corner of your cover image.
The Call-to-Action box is another opportunity for you to enhance your Facebook shopfront. Whenever someone lands on your Facebook page, there are certain elements that they are exposed to. This includes your cover image, likers and reviews. It is important that these key elements work for. Think of making these WOW people just like an appealing window does for a shop.
Setting up your Call-to-Action button is simple. To get started, simply click on the button that says “Create a Call-to-Action button”. This then takes you to a pop up window with a few options. You should select the one that is most appropriate for your business. For example, if your business has online shopping on your website, then you should select the option Shop Now.
Whatever option you select (and at this stage, you cannot customise this comment), you must add a website for the button to work. You do not have to enter a mobile website. Once you have specified what your Call-to-Action button will say and where it will point, it is simply a matter of clicking through the next stages and you will be done.
What is this useful for?
There are so many great uses for the Call-to-Action button. Facebook gives you 7 options for the Call-to-Action button so here are a few ways you could be using it:
Book now: send people to an event booking page to book for an upcoming event or webinar, allow people to book a consultation with your or a introductory Skype call.
Contact us: send people to the Contact us page on your website
Use App: direct people to the place where they can download your app
Play Game: this is for businesses that are based around player participation
Shop Now: send people to your online store
Sign up: this could be used to get people on to your email list. You could send them to your website sign up page or a landing page with a specific offer
Watch video: allow people to watch a video that you have created. You can choose where to send them so consider youtube or your website.
If you want to get clever, why not consider revising your Cover Image to add some focus to your Call-to-Action button. Don’t be afraid to mix up your cover image. It keeps your page fresh and interesting. Creating great cover images is only a few clicks away with great programs like Canva or Picmonkey that walk you through the process.
Now, get cracking and get that Call-to-Action button set up. Once it is all set up, Facebook has kindly added a tracking feature that allows you to see how many people have clicked on your button – this info is located on the right hand side of your cover image where your current insights can be viewed.