One of the questions that I get asked by so many people is:
“How do I get more fans?”
Many people feel frustrated with their Facebook page because they are working hard on creating great posts but there is no-one seeing them. I believe that having a good fan base is more important than posting great content (obviously if you can do both at the same time then even better). Establishing a loyal following on Facebook will get your page off to a great start.
There are quite a few techniques that you can use to grow your fan base. We will look at these separately.
1. Within Facebook
Inside the Facebook platform there are a number of ways to grow your fan base. Many of these will involve you spending money but the great news is Facebook advertising is highly targeted making it a very cost-effective form of advertising. I would recommend a combination of ads and promoted posts to get you off to a flying start.
It may seem illogical if you are not used to it but Facebook offers some great virtual networking opportunities. Consider joining local or relevant groups and promote your page within these. Also get liking other pages in complimentary businesses and keep an eye on their posts. There is often an opportunity to share your business.
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2. Online
There are so many social media platforms that offer you the opportunity to cross-promote your business. You can tweet your page on Twitter or share it on LinkedIn. This will allow others to come over to Facebook and find you. If you belong to platforms such as Reddit, you can get involved, share your opinion and your Facebook page. And don’t forget to put it on every aspect of your digital footprint from your website, blogs and electronic email signature. Your task is to make it as easy as possible for people to find your Facebook page
3. Offline
We often overlook opportunities to promote our digital business but remember every piece of marketing material should now not only contain your web address but also your Facebook address. Put your Facebook URL on your business cards and flyers as well as posters and even on your car signage.
Good luck with my tips and remember, give them a try – nothing beats action when it comes to success.