OK so am guessing the title of my blog had you just a little bit intrigued. I am sitting here right now and it is a Sunday night and I need a blog ready like NOW. I will be honest, I am usually way more organised with my blogs. They are all done by Friday morning ready for assistant to load and schedule them.
But last week was a total cracker! My oldest son decided he was super sick so I had to juggle working from home, checking in on my staff in the office and get this running a workshop whilst my lovely assistant watched my lad (who apparently was perfectly behaved for her). As if that was not enough, on Friday, I had to take him to a client meeting- I am so busy, I knew if I rescheduled, it would push the timings out, so along he came.
So all in all, it was a pretty crazy week. Can I just say, being a mum always throws up way more challenges than corporate life ever did! I was so not prepared!
But look on the plus side, I am guessing if you follow me on social media, you would not have noticed even a blip. My updates were going out and in fact, I even trialled a new activity on my Facebook page on Friday (more on that later). So from the outside, things were running seamlessly here at Online Social Butterfly HQ.
Cue: “I don’t know how she does it!”
For the record, I sometimes feel like many parts of that movie and often have friends saying “how do you do it all”. As well as running a business, my husband also has a business, we juggle staff and 2 rambunctious young lads. We both volunteer at our school and both of our boys are big in to swimming, cricket and soccer. We are a really busy family.
But realistically, I would not be able to achieve even a quarter of this if I did not OBSESSIVELY plan and schedule most aspects of my business. Now I know I have spoken about scheduling before but seriously, if you are not doing it, you are draining yourself of time and energy that you could be spending on other activities in your business.
So today, I wanted to share two of my favourite blogs about scheduling so that next time the wheels fall off your life, you can roll with it knowing that your social media will tick along just fine without you for a couple of days.
Click here to find out why you need to plan your Facebook posts.
Don’t know how to schedule a post, click here to be taken through the steps.
I hope you find these blogs useful. I seriously could not function without planning and scheduling. I am such a raving fan – and whenever things go a little crazy, I inwardly thank myself for being organised and having my posts all planned and scheduled.
Now before I sign off, I wanted to share something with you I am going to trial over the next couple of weeks and see how it goes.
If you have not heard of them, a LIKERs LADDER is run via a post on a Facebook page. You reply to the post showcasing your business page. At the end of the ladder, you need to go back and like all the pages from your personal profile. This allows you to grow your fan base and put your business in front of a wider audience. Now I know that not everyone will be your ideal customer but in terms of visibility, I really love the concept. If you would like to take part, I will be running 2 this week so mark your diary. They run for two hours and then close so don’t be late:
Wednesday 11th March 8pm-10pm WST (that is Australian WST)
Friday 13th March 7am-9am WST
To find the local time, click here  to go to a time conversion – my times are local to me so in Perth, Western Australia. Cant wait to see you on my LIKERS LADDER. You will need to have liked my page to get on there so click here to be taken to my page