Blog Xmas
With Christmas getting lots of attention I thought now was a great time to share a really SIMPLE tip on getting good organic reach on your Facebook posts. As you know from many of my past blogs, organic reach is all about delivering posts that our audience engages with. Engagement is classified as liking, sharing or commenting. Now the more we dish up posts that our audience engages with, the higher our organic reach.
One thing that many pages fail to do is stop and see things from their audiences’ perspective. Holidays are a really simple and easy way to connect with your audience and their world.
But you don’t simply want to be trite when you post about holidays, you want to be fresh and interesting and tempt your audience to engage.
Here are my best tips on how you can OWN the holidays:

  1. Share a fun fact

I love these as I am a bit of a numbers girl. Finding info about a holiday is easy enough with google. Try finding out quirky info. For Christmas consider these posts:
Do you know how many Christmas cards are sent in December?
Every year, XXmetres of wrapping paper are used at Christmas
On average a child receives XX presents on Christmas Day
You can even make up your own facts – maybe about Santa
Every year Santa consumes 2 tonnes of cookies, 400 litres of beer and the reindeers munch their way through 45 tonnes of carrots.

  1. Make it relevant to your product

Give your audience hints and tips on how your product or service can be make their life easier over Christmas or the holidays.

  1. Ask them a question

Ask people to contribute by asking them a question – maybe what their traditions are, what their favourite part of the holiday is, what they are secretly hoping to open on Christmas morning. All are nice and light and simple and will get people chatting on your page.