I often get asked about using the same content across different social media so I thought I would answer these questions.
“Should I really be posting the same content across Instagram and Facebook?”
This is a great question that came in thick and fast from you all. In the perfect world, we would create unique content that we could be using for each social media platform. But the reality is, most of us are extremely busy running our businesses and barely get any time to think about creating content, let alone creating LOTS of it. So, in my opinion, it is ok to create content and use it on more than one platform. The key is create stuff that your audience will love. If they love it and see it on more than one platform, they are not going to hate you for it. Think of it as reinforcing your message. So please, give yourself a break and just post the same stuff. Don’t stress too much about this. It is far better that you post the same content across multiple platforms than not posting anything at all.
“How do I link my business Facebook page to my Instagram account?”
OK, , it is a simple process to link your Facebook page to your Instagram account – here is how you do it:

  1. Go in to the settings section of your Instagram account – marked with a circle.
  2. Once you are in the settings, go to the section – Linked Accounts. Here you have the option to add various social media including Facebook. It will ask you to add your personal Facebook account first so check this option.
  3. Once you have added your personal account, you need to tap the Facebook word again and this will then bring up a list of all of the pages you manage on Facebook. You then need to tick the page that you wish to link to this account.