Email marketing

Many businesses fail to realise the value in creating and growing a list and then offering a regular newsletter.

Having an electronic newsletter sent directly to your database creates an ongoing relationship with your clients. A newsletter gives you the opportunity to talk about who you are, what services your business offers and more importantly, it is an opportunity for you to showcase your expertise and talents.

As an expert in direct marketing, Sarah can work with you to help you create regular newsletters that will keep you top of mind with your audience.

The newsletter services is all-encompassing. This means you simply need to approve the work at each stage of the process. There is no need for you to do any copywriting, learn any new software or even load blogs on to your website. We can do it all!

Setup services

If your business needs to get started with writing a newsletter, here is how we can help:

  • Set up newsletter template including brand, social media links and incorporating brand colours
  • Set up online newsletter account, import list and gain approval
  • The monthly service for generating a newsletter includes the following:
  • Generating story ideas 3-4 blogs per newsletter.
  • Copywriting – turning all story ideas into articles (max. 2 hours).
  • Upload newsletter content and database.
  • Placing blogs on to your website.
  • Results on the performance of the newsletter.
  • Recommendations for the newsletter based on results.