Get Video Confident Training Portal – Annual Subscription

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2018 is truly the year of the video but for so many reasons you just can’t seem to get started with them. This training portal has been designed to help you with all the guidance and tips you will need.

The training portal has been designed to deliver short training videos so you can dip in and out, as often as you need to, over the 12-month subscription period. Once you have purchased your subscription you will be emailed a receipt along with a PDF that contains details on how you access the course via the website.

This training portal contains a range of videos covering the following topics:

Background on video

  • Why you need to consider video for your business.
  • What will video do for your business online?
  • What is SEO and how does video help.
  • How videos connect you to your audience.
  • How videos can establish you as an expert.


Getting started with videos

  • What equipment do you need?
  • How to set the scene.
  • What to say.

Getting comfortable with you

  • How to get comfortable putting yourself on video.
  • How to be authentic
  • Delivering a professional but real version of you.

What to say and how to say it

  • Video challenge to help you gain video-confidence
  • How to be a confident speaker
  • How to talk using notes
  • How long to talk for
  • How to do a good introduction and ending on your video


Understanding where you can use videos

  • How to use Facebook Live
  • How to repurpose your Facebook Live video
  • How to use video on Instagram
  • Using videos in Email Marketing

BONUS: Facebook Live checklist, How else can you be creating and using videos tip sheet


  • How to put videos on YouTube
  • Tips on how to help your video be found on YouTube


With more great stuff to come..


There will be an opportunity to ask for new videos and features and more content will be added throughout the year.

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Get Video Confident Training Portal – Annual Subscription

$150.00 $75.00

Thank goodness I found Sarah, Facebook was overwhelming.  Being an Interior Designer, I am a creative and feel now empowered to use Facebook for my business, the Facebook course was so much fun!

Lana Whittelton
Style Sensations

I had an absolutely amazing consultation by Sarah last week. If you would like clever, easy to apply, proven strategies for successful online and social marketing for your business then this is the expert you should be talking to. She is extremely thorough, so warm yet so professional. I promise you will be inspired!

Claire Marchand-Johns

Sarah was recommended by my business coaches to assist in rebranding my accounting practice in order to give it a more modern vibrant image. I loved the way she was able to coordinate the whole process from professional photos by Mick,logo designs by Jo, Grant revitalising my website. She really understood what I wanted to achieve and also knew how to drive the whole process due to my time constraints.… Read more “Kylie Thompson – Sorrento Strategic Accounting Pty Ltd”

Thank you so much for providing this amazing, informative and helpful course.

Jaymee Lockyer

This is my second workshop that I have attended and again you have amazed me with the things I didn’t know and the “how” to implement easily into my business. It isn’t as scary as I thought and you have broken it down to simple steps. Thanks so much

Kat Blake
Invigorate Naturopathy

Hugely useful and helpful. A great session for those new to Instagramming or even those already familiar with it.

Seng Mah
Venture Photography Workshops
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