Today I wanted to give a shout out to all the MUMs out there and especially all the mums out there juggling their own business with motherhood. This brings its own challenges.

One of the things that makes it all so hard is the expectation that society puts on us that we need to be perfect. The truth is we can only be the best version of ourselves. There is no perfection. We need to let go of this. I know that we quietly beat ourselves up about how poorly we are managing everything when in truth, we are holding it all together so well. Please give yourself a break – you are doing a great job! Just ask anyone around you who is more than likely in total awe of you.
I wanted to share some insights into my life and the truth around it. I have run my business from home for the past 6 years (with a little 2-year gap where we had an office). I work with my husband which I really love. We get to walk our boys to school every day but more often than not I am working in the evenings and I feel incredibly guilty about this, even though my boys are happy at home. I forget that if I worked for someone else, they would more than likely be in after school care. Never mind the fact that I am showing them the value of hard work.
If you pop over to my house, expect the unexpected. If you come on a Friday just after my cleaner has been, it will be tidy. But otherwise, know this, I have 2 boys, 2 dogs, 2 cats, a husband that loves collecting and more often than not a couple of extra small people for good measure. Yes, my kitchen bench is always tidy but that is my thing and it makes me feel in control of my chaotic house. You will always be greeted with a cup of tea and something home-baked. I love baking – it is my therapy but please don’t compare yourself to this. I mostly hate cooking and my boys will quite often have toast for dinner if we are all tired and busy – I am happy to say, no-one has died from this.
When I come to see you, I genuinely DON’T CARE about the state of your house/ car/ appearance so please stop apologising. I will, however, get very excited if we all make it out of the house, with clean hair, great make-up and freshly ironed clothes. That is champagne-worthy.
Today I would really love it if you would enjoy your special day. Just take a moment to release some of the guilt we have around being too busy with our business and pause to see the life we are creating. I can almost certainly speak for you as well as myself when I say we have wonderful families, well-adjusted children and a home full of fun and love.
I PROMISE your children do not care about so many of the little things you are ruminating over in your head. So enjoy today, feel gratitude in the little moments and allow yourself to be free of guilt and worry for just one day.
Love, Sarah xx