We are glued to them for a very large part of our day and they have become an integrated part of our life and the way we do business. Where would we be without our smart phones?
It is hard to believe that the first iPhone was launched in 2007, a mere 8 years ago. It was the first to use touch-screen technology. In 2008, the App store was launched and over 1 billion apps were downloaded worldwide. The penetration of devices is so high that, on average, a household has 8 internet connectable devices including tablets and smart phones. In Australia, the penetration of smart phones is around 70%.
So my question to you is,

What apps are you using on your smart phone to make your business easier?

Here are some apps that you need to have on your phone to help you manage your Facebook page:

Facebook app

This goes without saying but I still seeing people accessing Facebook via their internet browser on their phone. The app gives you quick login and allows you more functions than simply using Facebook via a web browser. You can also set notifications so that anything important comes straight to you.


Facebook is forcing our hand with messenger but the messenger app is really handy. You can not only send messages but also video and images. The handy LIKE button has made responding even quicker and easier


This app is designed just to allow you to manage your Facebook page. You must install this app if you want to be able to manage your page from your phone.


This app is a new addition to the Facebook suite and is great if you like to use groups. If you are not using groups to promote or grow your business, this is something you really need to consider.