Useful Tools

Legal documents for your website


If you need some legal documents on your website such as a privacy policy or terms of use, we use and recommend NetLawMan – their templates are super affordable (around $15) and easy to complete.

Why do I love it? Netlawman offers super affordable legal document templates that can be adjusted to match your country. The templates are simple and come with HOW TO instructions. Ensuring your website is compliant with the law is key and this website makes it so easy.

White board videos – DIY


Videos are the future when it comes to digital marketing. They will allow you to connect with your audience in a way that nothing else will. It can be scary putting your face to video so I love utilising other video concepts such as whiteboard videos. However, getting these created can be costly so when I came across Doodly I got pretty excited. Why I love it? Doodly is a simple click and drag product that allows you to quickly create your own whiteboard videos. Seriously you do not need to have uber tech skills to create your very own whiteboard videos. It is beyond EASY. Best of all the cost is really affordable (especially when you consider the cost of creating just one whiteboard videos is normally $200+). The plans range in price from $20-$40 per month (billed annually) and this gives you to the freedom to create as many videos as you would like in your business. So jump over, check it and get creating – you are going to love it!

Schedule your social media


Recurpost is by far and away my favourite social media scheduling tool. I use it for myself and recommend it to all my clients. Best of all, there is a FREE plan that allows you to get started and really schedule alot of content (up to 100 posts) without having to move to a monthly fee. If you do decide to upgrade as you want to connect more social media accounts or you have too many posts, then the monthly payment plans are really affordable.

Why I love it? Firstly, it’s my favourite price: FREE. But more importantly, it is simple to use, easy to manage and offers you the opportunity to recycle your content taking the pressure off you creating posts daily.