So the social media landscape just keeps shifting and changing. Late last year, a new player emerged in the live video streaming media called BLAB. You can find it at You can also get an app for your phone via the Blab website (not yet available in the app store).
What does it do?
Blab allows you to video stream with 4 different people at the same time. Think of it as being at a conference where there is a panel of 4 people on the stage all chatting together about the one topic. This is essentially the experience but in your phone obviously. As moderator of your Blab Chat you can allow other people to enter the chat (they join one of the 4 boxes on the screen). Viewers can leave feedback in the form of an emoji (an emoji are those little icons you see used instead of words. The one they use is the familiar one “praise” where 2 hands are raised in the air). As moderator you can choose to mute other people so only one voice is heard at a time as well. The other great feature of Blab is that you can record the whole thing.
Getting Started
I would recommend that you create a Blab account – you sign in using your Twitter login details. Get familiar with using the app and join some blabs that are of interest, do a little research and see if people are blabbing in your industry and see how that is going.
Should I be using it in my business?
The answer to this is quite simple – are my audience using it and if the answer is YES, then you need to be considering it for your business. The best way to find this out is to ask them so whether that is on Facebook or via a newsletter, do a little research. Don’t be scared, this is just a new way to connect with your audience and it is really fun.