So now we know that using hashtags is a really useful marketing tool (and more to the point, it is free), it is important to use them wisely. Here are my top tips on how to use hashtags on Facebook.

  • Start using hashtags on both your personal profile and your business page.
  • Think about your industry and what hashtags are being used. Use the search function to see what is out there and jump on board.
  • Think about your audience and what hashtags are going to appeal to them.
  • If you are creating your own hashtag, consider capitalising the #FirstLetterInEachWord – this makes it more readable.
  • Hashtags look good in sentences
  • Don’t go # hashtag crazy – limit them to 1-2 per post. Too many will simply detract from your post content.

I hope you now feel that you can confidently use hashtags on your Facebook posts. Now #GetToIt