Get Video Confident Training Portal – Annual Subscription

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2018 is truly the year of the video but for so many reasons you just can’t seem to get started with them. This training portal has been designed to help you with all the guidance and tips you will need.

The training portal has been designed to deliver short training videos so you can dip in and out, as often as you need to, over the 12-month subscription period. Once you have purchased your subscription you will be emailed a receipt along with a PDF that contains details on how you access the course via the website.

This training portal contains a range of videos covering the following topics:

Background on video

  • Why you need to consider video for your business.
  • What will video do for your business online?
  • What is SEO and how does video help.
  • How videos connect you to your audience.
  • How videos can establish you as an expert.


Getting started with videos

  • What equipment do you need?
  • How to set the scene.
  • What to say.

Getting comfortable with you

  • How to get comfortable putting yourself on video.
  • How to be authentic
  • Delivering a professional but real version of you.

What to say and how to say it

  • Video challenge to help you gain video-confidence
  • How to be a confident speaker
  • How to talk using notes
  • How long to talk for
  • How to do a good introduction and ending on your video


Understanding where you can use videos

  • How to use Facebook Live
  • How to repurpose your Facebook Live video
  • How to use video on Instagram
  • Using videos in Email Marketing

BONUS: Facebook Live checklist, How else can you be creating and using videos tip sheet


  • How to put videos on YouTube
  • Tips on how to help your video be found on YouTube


With more great stuff to come..


There will be an opportunity to ask for new videos and features and more content will be added throughout the year.

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Get Video Confident Training Portal – Annual Subscription

$99.00 $48.00

I want to personally thank you from Danielle and myself for the knowledge you passed on to us during the recent Facebook training session we attended.   Your passion is one thing but your knowledge about marketing and your ability to explain the why and the substance behind what makes good content was so valuable.  We enjoyed the group discussions where ideas where bounced off the other business owners.  … Read more “Donna Gordin: Home 2 Home Realty”

Donna Gordin
Home 2 Home Realty

Fantastic course, Sarah has shared some great tips & skills to help me in my business & I cant wait to go & implement these.  Thank you so much Sarah.  I recommend this course to anyone who is interested in improving their Newsletters & blogs and in generating a customer list.

I attended Sarah’s Facebook seminar and I think it was great. The content delivered was very relevant and I got alot out of it. I would highly recommend Sarah to anyone that needs assistance with social media.

Durgesh Joshi
Tax Store Willeton

Thanks again for another great course! Highly recommend to all.

Shannyn Stewart
Home 2 Home Realty

Thankyou Sarah for clearing the confusion and giving me the confidence to manage my account in the limited time I have.

Cynara Stalenhoef
Acorn Life Path

A well delivered course, with extremely relevant content.  Sarah is very knowledgeable and delivers the course with great professionalism.

Lotti Lothian
SLP (Sell, Lease, Property)
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