WOW 2015 already! Hopefully, you put some goals in place last year and know how you will work towards these. If you have not managed to get anything down, remember that you are far more likely to succeed if you simply WRITE IT DOWN than if you merely have the goal in your head.
I have been speaking to many people online and one of the most common complaints I hear is about posting regularly on their business Facebook page. Did you make a commitment to yourself (and your business) to post regularly on your Facebook page this year?
One of the things that becomes so difficult when we get busy in our business is ensuring our Facebook posts has regular content. I know when I chat with business owners, a common complaint is maintaining posts on Facebook when you are busy. Sadly, posting on Facebook seems to be one of the first things to fall by the wayside when we are distracted by other things in our business.
Remember, posting consistently on your Facebook page is really important. However, I understand how hard this can be. I want to share my thoughts with you about why it is VITAL to plan when it comes to your Facebook page.
Whether you are planning some down time over the next couple of months or are simply expecting things to get quite hectic, there are some really valid reasons to start planning now.
I am a big believer in planning. In my own business and for all of my clients, I plan all Facebook posts at least a month in advance. This allows me the freedom to get on with run by business and not being burdened daily with coming up with Facebook posts.
Creating Facebook posts every day is EXHAUSTING! If the first thing you do each morning is sit in front of your Facebook page, wondering what on earth to write, then you are doing a disservice to both you and your business. Here are some of the reasons why daily posts simply do not work:

  1. You are not doing any planning for your Facebook page.

Remember, Facebook is a marketing tool and you should be planning it like you would any marketing activity.

  1. You are not always in the creative space to think about posts.

As much as I love writing Facebook posts, there are days (and they are many) where I know my creative juices are not flowing. Writing your updates in a big chunk allows you to get in to the creative flow and write them well.

  1. You are rushing.

Running a business means our time is precious and we want to simply put up any post on Facebook and this means we often compromise the quality of our posts.

  1. You are not creating GREAT posts

If you are rushing and trying to get your post written and done before you start your day you are probably putting any old post out there. Trust me, I know! I have done it myself.

  1. You are draining your energy

If your first task in your business is to get a Facebook post up and written and you don’t know what to write, you are sucking all your creative energy before you even direct your attention to your business.

  1. You are not posting consistently

We all know that things happen. We might be in the routine of sitting down daily to create a post and something happens. So we think, well that’s ok, I just won’t post anything today and the reality of it is. That is simply not ok.
Now before you go and beat yourself up, know this.
There is a better way to be managing your Facebook page.
I personally create all of my Facebook posts in a Word document. This means they are there and I never risk losing them by posting directly in to Facebook. I create a Word document that gives me pointers such as major holidays and local events. I always fill these out first as it gives me a sense of accomplishment.
Once you have completed the major holidays you can start planning your posts around your business – what offline marketing activity do you currently have running, what products or services would you like to promote.
You see, planning and creating a month worth of posts is easy. Give it a try – I know you will thank me for it.
If you would like a Word document for 2015 that has every day and date entered with room for you to create a post, then click here to buy this amazing tool. It includes a comprehensive holiday guide which gives many of the major holidays from all over the world with links to the website to help you create posts. I really want you all to benefit from this tool for you to use for 2015 so I am making it super cheap. It is only $33. Click here to buy it now.
Good luck with your planning and remember, a little time spent in planning will pay off so quickly once you have taken away the daily grind of creating and writing a Facebook post.