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Introducing the



Do you love the idea of creating professional images for social media but not sure where to start?

Canva is an amazing design tool that offers you a wide range of features and functions that you can use. Mastering Canva is a simple as 1,2,3,4.. yep I said 4 because my Canva Classroom is split into 4 classes. It offers over 150 minutes of video and tutorials explaining the HOW TO for you. No more feeling lost or overwhelmed.

This is all about teaching you the skills you need in a simple, tutorial-style that you can watch over and over again to ensure you feel confident in applying your skills.

Get Started with the Canva Classroom

Here is a sneak peek at some of the classes.

Module 1

Branding Fundamentals

Thinking you need a logo or have one but not really sure how to use it? Wondering what else is important to your brand? Learn about the key elements of your brand and how you will use these to connect with your audience and create showstopping designs.

Module 2

Intro to using Canva

This is the perfect starting place for you to build your knowledge and confidence when it comes to creating designs for your business. This class will start right at the beginning and walk you through the fundamentals of Canva and how to confidently design.

Module 3

Getting Confident with Canva

Once you have explored the basics of Canva in Module 2, you are ready to start experimenting creating your own designs. This module will walk you through in short tutorials some of the most useful and fun features inside Canva.

Module 4

Social Media Posts

Learn how to use choose the right size, select a template, customise it then use some of the fun and engaging tools available in both versions of Canva. There are tutorials that will walk you through how to create a post, a story and a video post.

Get Started with the Canva Classroom

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What’s Inside

The core course materials are immediately available inside of our online student portal. You will get instant access and best of all, the tutorials are updated regularly to ensure you are learning about all the latest features.


Streaming Videos

Watch this anytime you like plus stop and start as you need to (no-one is watching you)


Audio Files

If you fancy listening to the masterclass on the go, you can download it as an audio file with our system



These are designed to help you apply what you are learning in the Masterclass to your business.



Inside the online course system, you can connect with others, share your comments, and more.



No need to feel stuck applying what you are learning when the handy templates make it so easy.

Get Started with the Canva Classroom


Bonus Resources

Bonus 1

Mind Mapping

Have some fun with mind mapping - this tutorial will show you how to use the Whiteboard feature in Canva.

Bonus 2

Setting Up Your Brand

This class will teach you some hidden tools available for free that can help you develop a professional brand. This will cover creating a colour palette and font combinations. All will help you create a consistent branding without spending thousands on a designer. (Value = $47) Included inside The Canva Classroom

Bonus 3

Creating Your Logo, Style Sheet and Mood Board

Once you have an understanding of your brand, the simplest way to use it consistently is with tools such as a mood board and style guide. This class will explain how to create these for free using Canva. (Value = $47) Included inside The Canva Classroom

Work with Sarah

Hi there, I’m Sarah

Hey there, I’m Sarah and in case we haven’t met, let me tell you a little bit about me. I am the owner and founder of Online Social Butterfly, a digital marketing agency focused on training and coaching, which I started 11 years ago.

My background was in corporate marketing and communications (with a big focus on advertising) for over 15 years.

I love nothing more than helping small business owners just like you unlock the key to success when it comes to building your empire online. I know with the right knowledge and tools, you can use digital marketing to consistently grow your audience, your reach and ultimately, your sales.

A whole new level!

I didn’t believe Sarah when she said Canva was easy. It didn’t take me long to be a convert. Doing her recent 10 day Canva challenge has taken my graphics (and that of the other participants) to a whole new level. Sarah is the best small business marketer I have come across in my 20 years in business.

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