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Stop Staring longingly at that Instagram App on your phone!

Stop daydreaming about using Instagram in your business and imagining yourself with this stunning wall all on brand where people slide into your DMs wanting to work with you or buy your products – you know – it’s rocking

Just kidding – if you had no idea what just said, you are in the right place.

Let me share my knowledge with you so that you can join the cool kids club AKA Instagram

I have been teaching Instagram Marketing via workshops for the past 3 years and it is my fave place to hang out.

I would love to help you get on and get confident! I know that there is still so much opportunity on this platform.

Get started with the Instagram Academy

Get started with the Instagram Academy

What’s Inside

The core course materials are immediately available inside of the online student portal. You will get instant access and best of all, the tutorials are updated regularly to ensure you are learning about all the latest features.


Getting Started with Instagram

Let’s start at the beginning so you understand how the history of Instagram has shaped how the platform functions. You will learn why Instagram is driven by the mobile app and why visual content and hashtags are an integral part of the platform.


Profile Setup and Optimisation

Don’t panic if you are not on Instagram. This module will walk you through how to set up your business profile. And, if you all set up, you will get some insider tips and tricks to help you optimise your profile.



And breathe…if you have no idea what a hashtag is, this module explains it all in plain English. You will understand why you need to be using hashtags, how they function (and look) best and how you can be easily integrating them into your content.


Marketing and Doing Business

It really is not enough for you to have an Instagram profile and be putting out random content, you need to learn how to harness the power of Instagram to grow your business. This module will teach you the sound marketing principles behind every post


Content : What, How, Why and When

Content is always a scary prospect but here, you will learn how to create engaging content. This module includes a BONUS handout of 50 Post ideas so you will never be short of inspiration. Learn how to use Insights for the best time and day to post.


Features : Stories and Lives

Now you are rocking the gram, let’s get serious and master some of the more advanced features including using Stories, making videos and going LIVE as well as an overview of IGTV and how you can be using it in your business. This module has been updated to include REELS!

Bonus Items

  • 100 Useful Hashtags
  • 30 days of content ideas and inspo
  • 21 free stock image websites
  • 20 fun & clever call-to-actions

Lots of Love



So if you are a busy business owner…

and you are at the point where you are struggling on Instagram, then this might sound familiar:

  • You post in your profile and its like crickets chirpy
  • You don’t even look at your insights – you know your followers are not engaged
  • You cannot seem to grow your following

You are so close to giving up but you don’t..

You have heard so often that Instagram is amazing and you hear of all the AMAZING stories of people making millions but you secretly would love just a single heart on your post!

If only there was some super-easy strategies that would help you?
The good news is there are! Once you understand how Instagram works, you can start working it! Trust me, you will start to have fun marketing your business.

Keep this under your hat, but there is a tried and tested series of strategies that can help ignite your growth and create a profile with raving fans that you always dreamed about.

Having invested my considerable marketing expertise into learning and creating some simple yet effective strategies, I put them all together to help you transform your Instagram Profile.

Now if you are reading this in a little tizz because you are NOT even on Instagram yet, don’t panic, the Academy starts at the beginning but before you know it, you will be showing up like a pro. It will just take a little bit of learning to get you going.

Get started with the Instagram Academy

Sarah is a wealth of information which she is most generous in sharing. She was able to show me a huge number of small tips and tricks that I could use immediately.

Jenny Cole

Sarah’s great personality is so motivating – you just want to lift your marketing game and of she, she has lots of great knowledge to share
Monique Boucher

Sarah has taken dealing with Instagram to a whole new level – from daunting to a whole lot of fun!

Renae: Evolve Tax

Work with Sarah

Hi there, I’m Sarah

Hey there, I’m Sarah and in case we haven’t met, let me tell you a little bit about me. I am the owner and founder of Online Social Butterfly, a digital marketing agency focused on training and coaching, which I started 11 years ago.

My background was in corporate marketing and communications (with a big focus on advertising) for over 15 years.

I love nothing more than helping small business owners just like you unlock the key to success when it comes to building your empire online. I know with the right knowledge and tools, you can use digital marketing to consistently grow your audience, your reach and ultimately, your sales.

I am so excited to share my list building strategy with you.


Get started with the Instagram Academy

Still unsure?

Have a read of a few more testimonials

“Thank you Sarah, for your belief in us (Me) and all your teaching and support.”
Michelle Hyatt

“Sarah is incredibly passionate and knowledgeable. I am confident about Facebook and now know what I am doing.”

Mike Drew

Bicton Travel

Thanks so much Sarah, this was awesome to get my group started and I’ll be coming back to review some of the lessons again to keep me on track to creating a growing a great group 🙂

Gaye Nilson

“I am sooo excited about this challenge After the stories one, I have really learned a lot and Canva is something I really want to learn”
Catherine Shovlin

I am having trouble and struggling on Facebook with what to post and the rest of it. I have learnt so much that I did not know. Sarah supplied good info and explanations that I understand – it was excellent to listen to and I am happy with the training. I would highly recommend her – it was excellent with good information.

Cita Moi

La Bellacimel Home and Spa

Sarah has the credentials to help you grow your online presence. Her info is relevant up to date and delivered in bite size easy to intro chunks.

Catherine Shovlin

Urban Bliss Massage Therapy

Thank you Sarah I have learnt so much through the course and I look forward to growing my group and continue learning.

Sharon Bech.

“Discovering Sarah and her group changed EVERYTHING! I did the Canva challenge and learnt so much. I loved that the info was bitesized, that we were given a couple of days to catch up (life happens!), which made it stress free and more enjoyable, giving us more of a chance to see it through. It was perfect”
Gaelle Henriet

“WOW WOW WOW! What a great course Sarah! Thanks so much – it has really helped me with our group :-)”

Louise Kearns

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