Running a social media account can seem like it is just that much harder when you are a small business. It is hard not to feel envious of large corporations who have large budgets and a whole team of qualified staff running their online presence for them.
But, do not despair, they are loads of things that you can outshine the big boys on when it comes to social media. You just need to be a little bit creative and think “small and local”. Trust me, if you do this, you will win every time.
So what do I mean when I say small and local? Well, you live somewhere and your business has a location as well. Whether that means you have a physical office or not is not really relevant. What is important is that you can be an active member of your local community and share this on social media.
What you also need to consider is where is your audience located? Are they also in the same geographic area as you or are they spread further? If you have a local business, this is where you will shine. When your audience is slightly further spread, it can be a little more challenging but still doable.

Think local.

Here are just a few ideas that you could consider for posts that your local community would find useful.
  1. Local events: why not share events from other pages – school fetes, local council events, school holiday activities, all of these are something that people would be keen to learn more about.
  2. Emergency situations: this could include sharing information on where they can find updates ie special government websites. You could also share information on preparedness if your audience lives in an area prone to certain natural disasters.
  3. Local holidays: think about a special day like Anzac Day that is just around the corner. Why not consider sharing where your audience could find information about their local service or march.
  4. Local council information such as road closures, bulk rubbish collections or street maintenance.
  5. Meetings for local community groups: this could be a number of things but why not share the activities being held at your local community centre or council building.

I hope this gives you lots of ideas on clever and creative posts for you to use on social media. Remember, it is important that you keep in mind you audience. Try and think about what is relevant to them and how it will be useful. This should guide all of your posts.