One of the most amazing features of Facebook is the ability to run cost-effective promotions. And by cost-effective, I mean, you can spend as little as $1. And boy, can you hone right in on your target audience. I would like to demonstrate my point.

Facebook has a feature that you have all no doubt seen that allows you to boost a post. You can boost a post for as little as $1. Facebook will then tell you what you can expect with your budget.

I manage the Facebook page for the local BNI chapter to which I am a member (this is all about networking) We are currently looking for a photographer to join our chapter so I created this post on Facebook:

Newsletter Image 1 290914

As you can see, I got some really great results. This is because I used the targeting tools that Facebook has created for us. Here is how I spent my $5 budget:

I was really specific in who I was looking for. I wanted people who were local to the location of our chapter and I figured that most professional photographers probably had photography listed under their interests. For my $5 Facebook kindly went out and found over 900 that met my criteria. As you can see, my post got 5 enquiries from local photographers who were interested in finding out more about BNI.

Newsletter image 2 29092014


So next time you dismiss the idea of boosting a post, go in and try it out. If you are very clear about who you are trying to target, you can hit your mark very effectively.

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