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Melissa Ahlquist

I have just completed the latest round of list builders lounge. Sarah is genuine with her attention and the way she deals with her clients, is a wealth of knowledge and super generous with her time and expertise. She has this amazing knack to get to the root of a struggle in business and give real advice to overcome that challenge! I can’t wait to see how my list grows with implementing more lead magnets and generating more income from my digital products.

Thanks Sarah for being you and showing up in only the way you can.

Thanks for being awesome and helping us be our own awesome selves too.

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Hi there, I’m Sarah

Hey there, I’m Sarah and in case we haven’t met, let me tell you a little bit about me. I am the owner and founder of Online Social Butterfly, a digital marketing agency focused on training and coaching, which I started 11 years ago.

My background was in corporate marketing and communications (with a big focus on advertising) for over 15 years.

I love nothing more than helping small business owners just like you unlock the key to success when it comes to building your empire online. I know with the right knowledge and tools, you can use digital marketing to consistently grow your audience, your reach and ultimately, your sales.

I am so excited to share my list building strategy with you.


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