Whilst many people believe that Facebook is making organic reach harder, it is also creating tools that allow us to engage with our audience other than by traditional posts.
If you are not utilising these tools, then you are really missing out. There are a couple that are new in 2015 and you need to jump on these new opportunities.
There is a very recent addition that you may not have noticed yet.  It allows people to subscribe to your events.
This is a great feature if you regularly run events and you would really like them to get in front of your audience. When people subscribe to your events, they will get notifications about them. This is such a useful feature and will help your events get noticed!
When someone subscribes to your events, their friends will all be able to see that they have subscribed, giving your event even further reach.
So what if you are not using events on Facebook?
Well, if you are not, then you are missing a trick. You do not need to run physical events to create events on Facebook.
Events naturally lend themselves to actual events so start with these if you are not currently running any events on Facebook.
The Events feature allows you to include a huge amount of information including linking to purchase tickets.
So if you are not running actual events, how can you use the events feature on Facebook? Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  1. Running webinars
  2. To promote an online sale
  3. To promote the launch of a new service or product
  4. To announce the release of a new e-book or online course

So my challenge for you this week is to go and create an event for your business. Think about what you would like to promote and hop to it.