Public holidays make great posts on Facebook. Are you taking advantage of public holidays that are relevant and interesting to your audience? Remember, it is not enough to simply acknowledge general holidays. You need to show that you understand what they mean to your audience.
Let me give you an example. One lovely long weekend in Australia that is a public holiday is Labor Day. My post for today read like this:
Here in the west, we are enjoying a public holiday for Labor Day. This holiday was originally introduced to recognise and acknowledge the labor force in our society. This means that generations before us worked hard so that we could enjoy good working conditions such as the minimum wage. Now I know that as business owners, public holidays can be a good excuse to try and catch up on things in your business but I encourage you to take a break today. Those who walked before us would appreciate you resting and recharging!
From my post, it should be reasonably obvious that the majority of my audience own their own business. I hope that my post also shows that I understand what it is like to be a busy business owner.
So my challenge for you this week is to take a look at some holidays coming up (HINT: Easter is just around the corner) and try writing a few posts about this holiday and try and give it a little slant that will resonate with your audience.
Here are a few pointers that will help you write holiday posts:

  1. Think about your audience or ideal customer.
  2. Think about why this holiday is special, important or significant to them.
  3. Show that you understand the connection for them.
  4. Offer some insight and advice that will be useful to them.
  5. Think about how your products or services might be useful to them at this time.

Getting ahead on your posts can be extremely handy so don’t be afraid to look in to the year and see what holidays are coming up.