So did you just shudder when you read those words?
Did you feel a little scared and overwhelmed about what digital marketing is?
Do you wonder how on earth you are going to do any of it when you are already so busy?
Well, if that was you, read on, as I promise some great tips to help you create some clarity around what you should be doing NOW.

Digital Marketing explained

The reality of it is, digital marketing is just like any other marketing that you might be doing in your business. This can include things like flyers, advertising in newspapers and even networking is a form of marketing. Many people shy away from digital marketing as they don’t really understand what it means. Digital marketing has the same purpose as any other marketing – to convert potential leads in to customers. The great thing about the digital world is that this conversion can be a lot simpler as we can reduce the steps in the process of finding the lead to conversion or sale.
I sincerely love social media but it is important to understand that it is merely one tool that you can use to attract leads. You can mix this up with other activities such as paid advertising and blogging. All of these will help you generate leads. However, what I typically find many businesses miss in this process of lead conversion is getting closer to the lead. Social media and blogs are an excellent tool for you to open the dialogue with your leads or potential customers. It can also be used to sell directly to them but there is a more effective method.
What you really want from your potential customers or leads is to be able to contact them directly. Typically, people are willing to give you their email address. Once you have this, then the magic can really start to happen. So if you are to take just one action in digital marketing, it would be to work out how you can capture your potential customers’ email addresses. There are plenty of methods to do this ranging from landing pages to opt in boxes but don’t be afraid of using lots of them. Research shows that more work better. Load them on to every page on your website and drive people to those pages from social media. Growing your list is a KEY digital marketing strategy that will pay off for your business in the long run.
Once you have your potential customers’ email addresses you can start to send them a range of emails from newsletters, offers, vouchers and discounts. All of this should be mixed up with other content that promotes your business or your knowledge. So before you shrug your shoulders and give up on digital marketing, why not take the time to consider how you can start to growing your list of potential customers.
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