This is the second blog in a series that covers Facebook competitions. I feel that competitions on Facebook are a really underutilised marketing tool and I wanted to share with you my knowledge on how you can get up and running with a Facebook competition in your business.
In the first blog (click here to go back) we looked why you might like to run a competition and when can be a good time in your business for a competition.
Hopefully, you did your homework which was to have a closer look at your business and consider what might suit a competition. This may be the launch of a new product or a change of season.
So now you have some ideas on a reason to run a competition, let’s look at what makes a good prize for a competition.
Here are some tips on how to make a GREAT prize in your next Facebook competition:

  1. Make it relevant to your business: people often make the mistake of giving away a prize that is completely distinct from their brand and their business. This does nothing for your business.
  2. Make it relevant to your ideal customer: remind yourself what is interesting and desirable to them and create a prize that they really want.

So how do you decide what to give away as a prize?

  • Consider both your business and your ideal customer.
  • Consider what products or services you are happy to give away in your business.
  • Consider what products or services you can give away that are complimentary to your “big ticket” sales. For example, if you sell mattresses, run a competition where the prize is bedding.
  • If you are giving away your product or service, what is the impact on sales? Are you taking away a potential sale?

I hope that these ideas have inspired you to think about what prizes you could give away in your next Facebook competition.
Your homework for this week is to brainstorm a whole range of competition ideas that you could use in your business.
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