Welcome to the third installment on Facebook competitions. I hope you have enjoyed the series so far. If you have not been keeping up to date, click here to go back to the first blog in the series.
So far we have covered:

  • Why you might want to run a competition.
  • When is a good time to consider a competition.
  • Great prize ideas for your competition.

In this blog, we are going to take a closer look at the competition itself. There are a few key elements that will ensure your competition is a success. These includes the mechanics of entry, the prize itself and then, how quickly you entice people to enter.
Many people fail to realise that Facebook (and online in general) is a different format to the traditional marketing space and this means that competitions need to run over a shorter time frame. This is because the attention span of your online audience moves on quickly to the next thing. You need to grab their attention NOW and lure them in to action straight away.
Do not run the competition for either too long or too short a timeframe. Less than 4 weeks gives you a very limited opportunity to create interest and momentum. Anything over 3 months makes it hard to maintain the interest. 2-3 months can be a great length of time, providing the right balance between creating and maintaining interest and momentum.
As this series draws to a close, I would really like you to have a go at your homework. I would be thrilled if at the end of this series you had a competition all organised and ready to go. So let’s do a quick recap on what you have learnt so far.
Installment 1: Think of a reason to run a competition. Take some time to consider what is happening in your business and how you can create a competition around something that is currently going on (or possibly an upcoming event). I also want you to consider what you would like to achieve from running the competition.
Installment 2: What to give as a prize. Here you need to have given some consideration to what would get your ideal customer excited. Think about what is relevant to your business. Think about whether or not you want to give away your own products or services.
In this blog: consider how long you would like your competition to run for – do you have a goal in mind for the end. We are now in to October and this means if you get a competition up and running by the end of this month, you could have it running in the lead up to Christmas.
So this blog, get serious and set aside some time to create a competition for your business. It is a wonderful marketing tool that will help grow your Facebook following. Click here to go to my final blog in the series on Facebook Competitions.
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