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EP3 – Podcasting with Amanda Kendle

In Episode 3, Sarah interviews Amanda Kendle.

Amanda Kendle is a seasoned professional in the social media space and has had the podcast, The Thoughtful Traveller.

Amanda started a blog 17 years ago. She was encouraged to start travel blogging, initially for someone else and then her own.

Her experience dates to 2010 in the social media space and she now offers support to sole traders, creatives and small businesses teaching them the best ways to promote their work on social media.

As well as running workshops and masterminds, she also teaches social media at Murdoch University (where she taught Sarah in 2021).


As an avid traveller, she runs The Thoughtful Travel Podcast, something which she initially entered as a blogger writing for others about travel.

“Consistency is the key to success with a podcast – it is one of the most important factors. It can be a lot of work but it is worth the consistency as the connections you build are so deep and long lasting”.

“People are listening to you in their ordinary lives”.


Amanda shares some of her best tips when it comes to pitching yourself as a guest on podcasts.

She suggests that you:

  • Make sure you are aware of the podcast and its content. Listen to several episodes so you know the format and provide a sensible pitch.
  • Pitch yourself in relation to the podcast content – how are you relevant? What can you offer to the podcasters’ listeners? What is your expertise, what is unique and useful?
  • Don’t be pitching them multiple times in the same week simply because they have not replied to you. Give them a chance to respond.
  • Check if there are pitching guidelines and make sure you follow them. If there are none, consider dropping them a quick message on socials and ask.
  • Follow them on socials and follow them to create a relationship and connection.
  • Know your work and how this aligns.
  • Consider what you can share and how it can allow people to connect with you.


Here is how you connect with Amanda: – find her podcast here


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