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EP5 – Getting started with list building

In Episode 5, Sarah discussed the foundations you need to get started with list building. To get started with list building, you don’t need lots of moving parts. Start simple – you need an email marketing platform and a lead magnet.


So why is list building important? Let’s look at a couple of things that happened


You know that social media is my jam – I love it  and spend a huge chunk of my business teaching and coaching people on how to make the most of it. But (now this may surprise you), I would give them all up before I gave up the most important assets in my business – these 2 assets are:

  1. My website
  2. My email list

I have thousands of people following me across my main social media platforms. It is where I spend so much time hanging out, connecting and growing my business. But, let’s look back over some events of the past couple of years:

February 2021: Facebook shuts down the pages of the main media outlets in Australia- GONE, just like that, do not pass go, do not collect $200

October 2021: Facebook went offline. Like the whole platform – down for almost 6 hours. 

These actions remind us of some cold, hard facts about social media:

We DO NOT own our page, our followers, their info, our content. We are playing in their sandbox, by their rules and at their direction. If it all vanished tomorrow, what would this mean to your business?

My most frequent posts on social media always link to list building – I probably post 3-4 times a week across all platforms encouraging my followers to sign up to my list – it is vital to the health of my business that I get people across from social media to something that I own and I control – that is my email list.

If all this makes you feel a bit vulnerable, now is totally the time for you to start your list-building journey. 


To get started with list building, you need 2 things: an email marketing platform and a lead magnet. That’s it.


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