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EP6 – Jo Bendle

Jo Bendle is the Founder of the Meant for More Movement empowering women in business to stop settling and claim more from life.

She’ll fast-track you to claiming your more with her proven methodology that gets you clear, focused, and taking aligned action towards the right dreams.

Jo shares her own personal journey and how she created a business that allowed her to be location-independent and how she is now the leader of a movement that helps women create a business that lives up to their dreams. She shares honestly her journey when she noticed she was making choices that felt aligned to her values and goals.

In the early days Jo was known for her productivity skills and systems. Her business now uses these tools as the foundation and offers inside her membership, the opportunity for women to work on their mindset, goals and all the things that hold them back.

Jo’s membership is called “The Lab” based on the “Meant for More” system. Inside this membership, you are encouraged to dream big and relentlessly pursue those dreams.

Her one piece of advice in terms of uplevelling our thinking, Jo suggested:

In the morning – choose what the story is. Is this enabling my mission?


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