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EP27 – Caitriona Forde – Cybersafe

Growing up in rural Ireland, IT wasn’t the expected career choice for Caitriona. After finishing University, it was clear to her she didn’t want to become the accountant she thought she did.

More than ever small businesses are contacting her for help after they have been impacted by cybercrime. Don’t let this be you!

If Cait had a dollar for every time someone contacted her to say “I never thought it would happen to me” she’d be a very rich woman. Caitriona is here to help prevent it from happening in the first place, sharing her advice on the things we need to consider and put in place when it comes to keeping us safe online.

Did you know 60% of small businesses impacted by a cyber incident never fully recover. Businesses need to understand the tactics hackers might use to manipulate into paying fake invoices, also making sure you can recover, having systems and processes in place for this.

How important it is to get the basics right to stay safe online. What are the basics?

What we need to consider, and actions to take. Ask yourself… How would your business continue to operate if you couldn’t log on tomorrow? Could you keep operating? How long would it take you to recover? It’s a scary thought, one not to be ignored.

She also shares the most common scams happening at the moment. Without knowing we give away a lot of information about ourselves online that hackers can use against us. You may be shocked to hear her share the small business whose website was hacked.

Cait wraps up by sharing how you can work with her.  She delivers a lot of free workshops, a one hour business health check, and has recently created a one-day workshop (next one is October 2022) because she knows one of the biggest challenges for small business owners is they know what they need but perhaps don’t have the confidence to deal with it, we’re talking password managers, multi factor authenticator etc.. you get to do a full review of your risks as well as fixing up any issues all in one day.


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