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EP59 – Move more with Georgia Galati

Georgia shares her inspiration for starting her business and tells us what remedial massage is. We chat about the stress and pressure we put on our body without even realising it especially if we’re sat on our butt all day working from home.

Tune in for insights and wisdom into some better self-care. Hear some of the things we can do to get ourselves moving. How being sedentary isn’t good for our posture. What we can do to alleviate some of our aches and pains, and why it’s handy to have a heat pack to hand.

The reason movement is key, and tips on what we can do to get up and about even if we don’t plan to leave the house.

Georgia also shares with us her process, and tips on what to do after you’ve had a remedial massage.  

If you’re fed up of living with aches and pains, connect with Georgia on Instagram or Facebook by following @eucalypt.remedial.massage

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