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EP61 – How to be a guest on other people’s podcasts with Christina Lenkowski

In this episode, I chat with Christina, Podcast Publicity Strategist and Trainer at Publicity by Christina.  We talk about how and why she got into this super niche business after working for someone else in PR and marketing for over a decade. Hear her laugh and the irony when you hear what she didn’t do when launching her first course.  

She passionately and generously shares a couple of her tips on how to reduce the overwhelm when starting the process of being a guest on someone’s podcast, whether you chose to work with her or go it alone. Plus, lots of other recommendations.

If sharing your story on a podcast to your ideal audience is where you want to be then one thing  you’ll need to learn is how to pitch yourself. Christina has a 2-hour pre-recorded training for this titled “Hey Bitch Let’s Pitch” where she teaches you how to pitch, research and follow-up. You can find it here

If you do work with her she guarantees you will get booked on to 24 podcasts with listeners who are your ideal audience. She touches on the process of what working with her is like, and the commitment from both sides. 

It may surprise you to hear no matter how big the person is whose podcast episode you want to be on, it’s possible to get a booking. Sharing an example of why it’s important you don’t just chase the most popular podcasts.

If you fancy sharing your message via a podcast listened to by your ideal clients, you do not want to miss this episode. What’s the worst that can happen?


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Podcast Pitching 101 Workshop:



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