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EP4 – Rachelle Glendon – How to Live Slow

Rachelle Glendon hosts the podcast How To Live Slow where she shares stories and inspiration about motherhood and slow, seasonal, simple living for gentle mums who want to opt out of hustle culture. She supports her clients to do less, be more present and prioritise rest in a world that pressures mums to ‘bounce back’. Her first book, The Seasons Of Slow, is due out later this year. 

Rachelle shares her own journey where she found herself considering how on earth she could do it all. She discovered Slow Living as the feminine side of Minimalism.

As women who run businesses, we often feel the pressure of trying to do it all, working long hours. She talked about how we can start our business to be flexible parents. We can think that will give us the flexibility we did not get in the workplace.

She talks about how all this can go wrong so quickly – instead of creating a life that suits you and your ebbs and flow, you create work that is just at home.

They chat about listening to your body and your seasons and cycles – what does this look like?


“If that is the time to capture, your best work moments, there are no rules”.


Rachelle teaches a system that allows us to play with seasons and cycles. This is balanced with serious rest time. She calls it “the seasons of slow”.


“We are not used to resting”.

“The do less phase is all about learning to have boundaries and saying no to things that are not our priority”.

“You can’t be clear about what it is you want if you don’t take time to rest and reflect”.


Rachelle goes through the four seasons and what activities we need to be doing in each season rather than just pushing through constantly.


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