The Social Circus

EP11 – Living your best life with Sarah Potter

Sarah talks about how she helps creative entrepreneurs who might have a brilliant idea, yet struggle to share it, and the whole mindset shift that comes with running your own business. Helping you reduce the overwhelm by encouraging you to take tiny steps to build confidence so you can show up fully in your life and business without fear of being judged.


She shares how the transition from working for some else, talking their language, and their brand to working for yourself and being able to speak from the heart, but not knowing how to go about it. She laughs at the time when she started her business Instagram account… she didn’t tell anyone about it.


Sarah is passionate about sharing her learnings about knowing what to share with your audience… only share what you’re comfortable sharing – a great place to start is talk about what you really love, what you easily talk about and build on that, a tiny nudge of feeling comfortable in this place, before you know it you’re miles away from where you started. One great tip was don’t not do something for the fear of taking imperfect action. If you can impact one person, then it’s a positive.

Another good tip is not to feel like you must explain why you didn’t show up on socials this week – it’s your business. Don’t worry about the people who don’t understand, they’re not your people. So many good tips!


Hear also about what else contributes to her “sweet life”.


Let listening to this podcast be your permission to take imperfect action and be yourself.


Social Circus


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